Wild Running by Jen & Sim Benson – 2nd edition.

Wild Running is the first UK guidebook for those who love to run and who dream of exploring Britain’s spectacular mountains, forests and coastal trails. Since the publication of the first edition in 2014 we have been busy seeking out more of Britain’s best trails and the second edition, fully updated and with 150 brand new routes – and 50 of the best from the original book – is available now.
Featuring 200 hand-picked runs, chosen for great running terrain and sensational beauty, this book is the ultimate guide for those looking to break free from the gym and the streets. Stunning photography and engaging writing charting the history of each run, route and place make this must have guide for runners and explorers alike.

Trail-Run Explorers are very grateful to Wild Running for providing excellent routes for trail runners. Check out the Cuckmere Haven - Beachy Head trail run.

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