21 Miles Ultra-Prep including the Seven Sisters! Guided Trail Run – new date coming soon.


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Eastbourne:  Guided Trail Run – March Coastal Ultra-Prep including the Seven Sisters Trail!

Meet : 09:15 for safety briefing and then to run sharply at 09:30

Date: coming soon – Start Location – O/S Bedes School.

Join us for a challenging 21 mile training run for UK Ultra events. While this event is designed for those entering one of the UK Ultra events, this run is suitable for all those looking to build their mileage and experience on trails.  Must be able to run around 11 minute miles.   Hills will be hiked but please note this is a trail run.


  • Start at Bedes School in Eastbourne:  Begin your run at Bedes School and head Northwards toward Jevington.
  • Jevington
  • Folkington
  • Alfriston: Continue west to reach the charming village of Alfriston.
  • Exceat: Run south towards Exceat, enjoying the scenic landscapes.
  • Seven Sisters: Tackle the famous Seven Sisters cliffs. Follow the South Downs Way trail along the cliffs for breathtaking views.
  • Birling Gap: Continue towards Birling Gap, a picturesque coastal spot, options to stop here for a short break, depending on a group decision.
  • Head back towards Eastbourne.  Finish back outside Bedes School.

Total Elevation of 2471 ft

Tips for Trail Runners:

  • Guidance: Perry, an England Athletics Coach, will provide valuable insights on pacing, technique, and mental resilience throughout the run.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Ensure you have ample water and energy snacks to fuel your performance. Perry will share advice on nutrition strategies for endurance events.
  • Footwear: Choose trail running shoes that offer stability and traction, adapting to the varied surfaces encountered on the route.
  • Weather Preparedness: Stay informed about the weather conditions and dress appropriately. Perry will offer guidance on adapting to changing weather during your run.


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